About Us

In May 2018, we picked up our family of four, moved out of the home I’ve most of my life, and began to pursue what we believe is God’s calling for our lives. For now, our new home is in Iowa.. but who knows what is next!

By moving to Iowa, we reignited so much PASSION for our career/life paths, and are chasing our dream of owning a Chick-fil-A restaurant in the future!! I truly believe part of my duty in all this is to also take you on this journey with us– by vlogging and blogging ALL the craziness along the way!

I am a newly “halfway retired” professional photographer who still loves to serve my community of creatives by chatting about issues and giving advice to business newbies and parents!

In addition to our family’s Chick-fil-A dreams and homeschooling, we are also fine-tuning our wellness each day! We aren’t experts, but we are proud “certified” healthy hypocrites (lol), and have learned to love a lot of veggies with our chicken nuggets/dipping sauce of choice.

We love our oils, diffusers, and I’m a big fan of the Whole 30 lifestyle too!!! Whole 30 has helped me lose 60+ pounds.. and counting! #yayveggies

Now, come on over and settle right in to our little home on the internet! We hope you feel joyful here! xoxo