We purposefully capture loving memories to look back on during the hardships that every couple faces in marriage, so they can remember their wedding day and how happy they felt with one another as the ever-winding journey began. We love providing the joyful memories that are amazing to look over in "sickness and health", and "better or worse."

We also capture memories for the daughter of the bride who will one day want to try on the wedding dress in the photos she's admired for years. The little girl who will also stare adoringly at how her father looks at her mother in the photos and dream of a day like that and a man who looks at her like that too.

We even capture memories for the mothers, fathers, and grandparents who have raised a wonderful couple and are in the process of letting each of them go so that their children may go out into the world and begin their very own family and legacy

As wedding photographers, we believe our core purpose is to love our couples well and celebrate for them continuously on their big day, in addition to when they begin their marriage and start other stages of life.

it's all about

your love story legacy

In a moment of time filled with witty wedding hashtags and Pinterest trends, we believe it's key to evaluate what's important when you begin to plan your dreamy wedding day.

Will the number of likes matter in 50 years or will your marriage matter more?

Our business believes that beautiful, life-altering moments can happen in the dimly lit Sunday School room of a church (in a strategically placed corner away from the "Ten Commandments for Kids" poster, of course ha!), just as they can happen in a grand ballroom at the Plaza Hotel.

Marriage, faith and love stories are what drive a wedding day, everything else is just extra fluff. We believe in loving and serving our wedding day couples extraordinary well no matter the venue or budget, so that they can pass on grace and love to their spouse, family and friends who share this momentous day with them.

We may be photographers, but we don't simply shoot photos for the likes or the recognition from magazines or brands...




One of the highest industry compliments I have received was from a local lifestyle photographer. She tells her clients, who need a portrait, that I am the one they should seek out! How humbling. My bridal portrait pricing covers a one hour session, on location and a 16x24 canvas as my gift to you!


Weddings are where the most fun exist in my business. I love to serve my couples and capture their unique love story.  I work with the same professional "second shooter", Kelly, for every wedding, and have done so for the entirety of my career. I do this so that my couples can rest assured that they will receive professional quality of images from all angles.

Love Stories

Otherwise known as engagement or anniversary sessions. These are one of my favorites, and I've spent many hours of education learning all about how to interact best with each and every couple. I often hear, "well my fiance HATES photos," and I promise I work well to provide a painless experience.
Please note: Several of my wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session!




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