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"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

If you are interested in mentoring with me, I'm ready and waiting to be your new best friend as you take this leap!

Photography is my passion, and giving advice about photography and business makes me even happier. I absolutely love educating others and seeing their questions answered and lives changed.

I vividly remember how in the beginning learning ONE thing could transform the time I spent behind the camera or computer. I want you to feel that too!

I dropped my coveted spot in a nursing program to chase after this dream, and I've been happily running FULL force ever since!

Let's run this race together!

It's official, friend..


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Intro to Photography Workshop

Click the Dates below to get more information about the workshop and to purchase your tickets!

February 24th

March 25th


Virtual Assistance

90 minutes of Q&A with Me via Skype.
Do you have a few core questions that you need help withASAP? Maybe you already have an established business or maybe you are just starting. Either way, I would love to spend an hour and a half chatting with you and answering your questions. We can talk about starting your business, or share our screens to talk editing.

Studio Secrets

One-on-One Meeting for 180 Minutes
. We will meet in my cozy downtown studio and chat with coffee (or tea, or water, or whatever) in hand about all of the things you’ve been googling at 3am.
Here are just a few things we can chat about to get your wheels turnin’: Branding + Marketing, Launching a Business, Technical Camera Lessons/Advice, Lens Choices, Editing Photos to fit YOUR Style, Beginner Studio Lighting, and much more!

Every Little Bit

Everything included in “Studio Secrets” PLUS a 45 minute session with a senior/model or couple. I will have you fill out a questionnaire and fit the location of your shoot to your preferred style! 
I find that most students want to head back to the studio after the shoot to talk about their images and how to edit them. If you would like this, let me know and we will plan accordingly!

investment of $325

investment of $125

Investment of $475

My goal as an educator is NOT to make you “just like me”, but to help you understand how certain elements will effect your images and your business. I am happy to be an open book and share every resource that works for me, but I also want you to be yourself. I truly feel that guiding you in this manner is the best way for you to develop your own style AND address problems areas you may be facing in your work and business!

For example, I will show you how I shoot in certain situations and have you show me how you would usually approach the situation. We will talk about the pros/cons of your approach and ways to fix the problems you feel you have. I will be honest about what works for me and why, but I won't try to steer you away from a certain style or method.

I can promise you that you will NOT walk away a “Courtney Abernathy Photography” copy-cat. However, you will walk away empowered to be yourself in your business and grow organically!

I would feel completely honored to hold your hand as you take big leaps in your business and photography journey!

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To Power Your Business + BRAND

Here are just a few resources that my mentoring and workshop students get exclusive access to:

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Have more questions? Ready to get educated ? No matter where you are in your process please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. You can't get to know me by using just this website so message me today!  

Please note: The studio is by appointment only and my office hours are 4-8pm Tuesdays + Thursdays.

Thank you!
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